To provide a platform that shall promote the eating of African native foods, natural fruits, vegetables in a value-driven manner – generally appealing, inviting, educative; and adoption for healthy living and longevity and above all, for preservation for present use and future.


Globalization has broken down many cultural walls and barriers – thus making our world a common community. We now live in an era where information is disseminated with a speed of light. This has made it very easy for people to adopt and Implement such information – most often, to good radiance while some with advert effects.

More so, the force of information has made acculturation and cultural assimilation to gain more prominence in this present century. This has indeed, gone a long way in uttering the food habits of the elites and urban dwellers – tilting towards a preference of genetically modified foods, test tube foods and fast foods against African natural foods as their source of the daily meal.

Obviously, most of these fast/modern foods are very hazardous to our health. A lot of them in our food stores are adulterated and expired. Recent studies have shown that they are a major cause of deadly diseases such as cancer, kidney and heart-related problems ravaging our health today.

More so, high preference to them by our people as their main meal are seriously endangering our native foods thus making them to be at the edge of extinction while on the other hand, the poor cooking habits of these African native foods by our women folks has led to a lot of social problems such as divorce, separation, violence against women, breakdown in communication amongst African couples.

It is on this note that health practitioners and nutritionists are now advocating the return of the cooking and eating of our African native foods and natural fruits as our main meal for our sound health, longevity and peace in our homes.

Hence, our mission drive is to start compiling African native foods, especially the ones at the edge of extinction; and healthy living tips and promoting the same for global interest, awareness and preservation for future in just a click.

Interestingly, it is our desire to create an Open Source Data for researchers on African foods to access our collections on Interviews on African foods for their research and further discourse on how to promote African foods for global appeal and reach.

Furtherance to that, we are setting up a food research center with modern research equipment and personnel aimed at researching on African core native foods, fruits and edible vegetables in discovering their phytochemical and antioxidants contents; and especially their role in the buildup of our immune system; prevention and cure against prevailing diseases ravaging the health of Africans today.

Indeed, it’s a long walk. We are ever determined to transverse the length and breadth of African continents in hurt for our local delicacies at the edge of extinction and their health benefits for global awareness and preserving the same for posterity.

It is also in our plan to partner with certified nutritional therapists and food technologists in organizing a Free Seminar on Healthy – Eating – Habit for our community members. We intend to work in collaborations with local opinion/religion leaders, traditional rulers and political leaders to help in mobilizing their subjects for the free seminar. The core emphasis of the seminar would be on the highlights of the health benefits of eating African native foods for our good health and longevity.

Furthermore, we also have a vision of acquiring a Mobile Kitchen Van with a state of art cooking utensils; recording and internet gadgets for our rural African food hurt just to record at the spot the cooking procedures of our core native foods and upload the same online for global interest and awareness. Interestingly, we shall be cooking some of the native recipes after getting the procedures from our local outreach and uploading the same online for publicity.

It is also our mission to mount an Online African Local Foods Cooking Competition aimed at arousing the interest of African youths and the general public on the need of eating African delicacies as our main meal while highlighting their major health benefits.

We have also established a Food Bank to accept raw and processed African foods to stock up our food bank and to make them available to the indigent students, motherless home, prisoners, less privileges, IDP homes and sick patients. This will help to reduce social vices, family pressure on breadwinners who may not be able to provide a daily meal for their loved ones. To spread love; to reach out to an average man who may feel dejected, rejected and thrown down due to inaccessible to a daily meal, and to reduce poverty. Eating good meals elevates one’s mood thus causing happiness, preventing depression and frustration.

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Thank you.