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It is a known fact that a lot of couples are struggling to conceive or enjoy their marriage. The cause is not far fetched from low sperm count or poor libido. For this reason, most marriages are at the edge of divorce or being embroiled with infidelity. A natural fertility juice can cause a turn around.

However, in a bid to solve the problem, most men have taken to local drugs or herbal supplements. Some are partly working while others are not.

Unfortunately, some men who are so desperate to get out from this miserable situation have settled to local concoctions that are currently deteriorating their already fragile health. 

Buzz!!! I got a fertility juice for you. This juice will help you boost your ailing fertility. It is so natural and powerful. No addictive! No colouration! It is called a “tiger nut fertility juice”. This juice has been proven to be very effective in resolving erectile dysfunction and poor libido.

Interestingly, the good thing about this fertility juice is that it is very cheap and easy to prepare. The ingredients are readily available in the market.

The three core ingredients for this fertility juice are as follows:

  1. Tiger nut.
  2. Dates.
  3. Coconut.

The process of making this fertility juice is as follows:

  1. Depending on the size of the juice you wish to prepare, you can buy 10 cups of tiger nut or less. Soak it overnight to soften it or simply steam it for about 20 minutes.
  2. Get about 10 pieces of dates. Remove the seed inside them. No need of adding sugar. It contains natural sweetening.
  3. 2 coconuts. Break and slice the coconut into chunks for easy grinding.

Step 1: Thereafter, pour the items (bit-by-bit) into the grinding machine and grind. Add water at interval to soften the paste.

Step 2: Pour the paste in a container and grind the rest . Later, use a cheese cloth to sieve the water from the paste. Add water to thoroughly sieve out the milk from the paste.

Step 3: Chill the juice and drink; very nourishing and healthy.

Smart ladies serve this juice to their husbands with a plate of fruits salad prepared with cucumber, watermelon, banana and apple. It makes a man day. Indeed, its a delight to eat, and highly nutritious.

Health Benefits of this fertility juice.

  1. The juice helps to solve erectile dysfunction.
  2. The juice improves sperm quality and quantity – best used for curing male infertility.
  3. Tiger nut seed contains a high soluble glucose which helps to fight colon cancer.
  4. Drinking this juice helps maintain blood pressure and sodium level because it is rich in potassium.
  5. It will also help you to reduce the chance of getting heart disease.
  6. Vitamin A content in the dates helps to boost eye function.

7)  It’s highly recommended for athletes. The juice is an excellent source of zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and B6. Drinking this juice will strengthen one’s bone, and ensures a fast recovery from pain and injury.  

  • The vitamin C & D in the dates will make your skin to shine. It promotes anti-aging. This means that the more you drink this juice, the more your skin glows and makes you look younger every day.


Importantly, making this fertility juice for the commercial purpose could be promising for youths. One can master the art of making this juice for marketing purpose. There is a huge prospect in it. Most men will patronize it because of its health benefits.

You can start by making a stall at a busy supermarket, shopping mall, fuel station, bar, restaurant or in a market to sell this fertility juice. To enhance your marketing strategy, craftily produce a quality flyer highlighting the health benefits of the juice. Leave a call to action message and your contact for further enquiries and booking.

Furthermore, you can present the idea of making this fertility juice to a person or group in your neighborhood planning for curtail party, get-together party, birthday celebration, end-of-the-year celebration, caucus meeting or any special occasion for their consideration and booking.

An interested person may call and book the juice to enrich their occasion. Once you get a contact, try as much as possible to deliver the juice excellently. Be assured that the successful supply will open more doors to you.

More so, you can also offer a home delivery service. There is no limit on what you can achieve. Bear in mind that most people are going natural nowadays -hence the idea of marketing this juice will sell high.

Sourcing for the ingredients:

Noteworthy, to succeed in this business, try and secure a steady source of ingredients for producing this juice. Look out for young Hausa boys in the street that hawk tiger nuts and dates on the wheelbarrow and get their contact. Call them whenever you need the items and get your business going.

If you have enough capital, try and buy the items in bulk; dry them and store for subsequent use.

Give it a trial today!

In conclusion, married men who love taking alcoholic beverages can use this fertility juice as a substitute for alcoholic drinks. This is far better and healthier than those hot drinks. It is natural and hygienic. No side effects.

Men! Teach your wife how to prepare this fertility juice. Try as much as possible to make the ingredients readily available for her. I bet you, you would be glad you did.

Drinking this fertility juice always will make your marriage bond stronger again.

Try it today!

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