odaa opue

Miracle plant/leaf of life popularly called “Odaa Opue” in Enugu state and scientifically referred to as Bryophyllum Pinnatum has been proven to posses a high/good gastric (stomach) anti-ulcer effects. One of the good news about using this plant/leaf for its gastric anti-ulcer effects is that it has a sufficient margin of safety. It also exhibits a dose dependent gastro protective effect. The liquid extract of miracle leaf can be done using cold maceration.

The study on effects of methanolic extract of “Odaa Opue” on gastric acid secretion showed that the extract caused a decrease in both basal and histamine induced gastric acid output. Thus, we can say that “Odaa Opue” act by inhibiting gastric (stomach) acid secretion when taken accordingly.

The picture of the miracle leaf is attached with this article. Look for it and use it to treat stomach ulcer.

You can cultivate the miracle plant in your garden or compound as a flower for easy accessibility when needed.

References: JK Adesanwo; Y Raji; SB Olaleye; SA Onasanwo; OO Fadare; OO Igbe; OO Odusanya.

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