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Bright Anyanwu, the founder/CEO of oyesfoods.com, a subsidiary of Brivera-creations(R)  holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology/Anthropology from the Imo State University, Owerri and Masters Degree in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution from National Open University of Nigeria.

Bright is an accomplished netpreneur and a research conscious person who has a passion for promoting African foods and advocating right healthy living tips for global awareness. His blog has a vision of documenting African native foods for present use and reference purposes in the future. The blog also champions the campaign for the restoration of the eating of natural juices and African foods for our healthy living.  It also has a section for interviews on African foods.

However, my love for cooking started quite early in life. I lived with my grandpa in my country home during the early years of my life. He was diabetic and his foods then were selected – being mostly beans. Being grandpa’s favourite grandchild, I delight so much in cooking beans for him while helping my grandma in the kitchen. My grandpa was a successful farmer. He cultivated yam on a commercial scale. During the harvest, I excitedly roast a tube of yam in a wood heat and would make a local paste with palm oil, fresh paper, salt and onions and put it in between the yam using my fork. For me, lunch was served.  The taste was always wonderful and natural. From this point, my love for cooking grew. I am still close to the kitchen assisting my darling wife who sees her kitchen as a discovery zone where she tries out all sort of cooking recipes.

Nevertheless, we have written a lot of articles in the area of African native foods and healthy living tips.  They are all fresh and original which you can find on this blog.

More so, our blog is also highly informative, educative, adorable and coated with social flavours to give you a pleasurable reading.

Conversely, the chief editor is my lovely wife – Millicent Anyanwu, a graduate of Human Physiology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. She is a nutritionist, a cook and also a writer. She started cooking from her tender age. Being the only girl in her family, the responsibility/love to cook falls on her. Also, her medical experience and contributions have indeed sharpened the professional presentation of our blog.

Our dear, be rest assured of qualitative articles for your edifying as you follow us daily.

Thanks a lot.


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African Recipes Manual

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