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Name:  Munachi Felix.

Profession: Student.

Munachi Felix is our 90th guest on the interview on African foods. Read his view on th theme:


Campaign for the restoration of the eating of African native foods and fruits by Africans is a pet project of Brivera-Creations® projected on oyesfoods.com platform.


It has been observed lately that most Africans have a high preference for modern foods such as canned foods, fast foods, genetically modified foods and carbonated juice than our core native foods and natural juices.

Nevertheless, most studies have attributed a high incidence of certain diseases ravaging our health and early death to our addiction to these fast foods as daily meals.


  1. What is your view on the theme that Africans should return to eating of their native foods as their main meal?

It is quite advisable for Africans to return to their roots and eat more of wholesome foods than junks for their good health.

2.  What do you think are the importance of eating African foods?

African foods are healthy and more nutritious than modern foods. They are free from contaminants and cancer-causing agents.

3. Do you think that there are negative effects of eating African foods?

Apart from the longer time involved in preparing some Africa native foods, there isn’t much.

4.  Is there any drawback/barrier on preparing African foods?  If yes, plrease highlight some of them.


5.  What do you think are the reasons why some people don’t feel like eating African foods?

Sometimes, native foods take a longer time to prepare. The tastes of some of them are not quite pleasant and most of them do not have an attractive aroma like modern foods. This often makes people prefer modern foods than the local ones.

6. What do you think are the reasons why most African people prefer modern foods than their native foods

The major reason is due to taste. Modern foods taste better than native foods. The short time in preparing modern foods and easiness in acquiring the cooking ingredients are also another major reason why many people prefer modern foods than native foods.

7. Do you have any suggestion(s) to postulate that will make African native foods more appealing to eat

The cooking ingredients of African foods should be made more accessible and easy to get especially to the people living in the city.

8. Do you feel that NGOs, donor agencies, media and African Government have any special role to play in making Africans return to the eating of their native foods?

Yes, they should be encouraged to go into advertisement and promotion of the local foods and its nutritious values for people to be informed and starts appreciating it.

9. What is your best African dish and why do you like it?

Egusi soup is my best African dish. It is quite nutritious and very easy to prepare.

10.  Do you like eating fruits?  YES/NO.  What is your best fruit and why?

Yes, I like fruits. Banana is my best fruit.  It is easy to buy and cheap.

11. Any further comment(s) on African foods/fruits/vegetable you may wish to point out?

African foods are nutritious. It tastes good and so, we should eat it more for our healthy living. This is my take on this interview on African foods.

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