Name Chidubem Peter.
Profession: Medical Student.
Email: chidubempeter1@gmail.com
Facebook Name: Chidubem Peter Uche.

Meet Chidubem Peter, our 87th guest on the interview on African foods as he bares his mind on the theme:


Campaign for the restoration of the eating of African native foods and fruits by Africans is a pet project of Brivera-Creations®projected on oyesfoods.com platform.


It has been observed lately that most Africans have a high preference for modern foods viz canned foods, fast foods, genetically modified foods and carbonated juice than our core native foods and natural juices.

Nevertheless, most studies have attributed a high incidence of certain diseases ravaging our health and early death to our addiction to these fast foods.

1) What is your view on the theme that Africans should return to the eating of their native foods as their main meal?

It is very imperative that Africans go back to their old food. It has medical implications like decreasing the chance of having cancer.

2) What do you think are the importance of eating African foods?
  1. They prolong life.
  2. African foods are well nourished and contain all the necessary ingredients needed for growth and mopping up of free radicals.
 3) Do you think that there are negative effects of eating African foods?

The negative effect which I observed is that some of the foods are not well processed and this can result in the intake of micro-organism which can result cause a deadly infection. Also, the packaging of most African foods is very food. Sometimes, the plates used in serving the food are not inviting to eat the food.

4) Is there any drawback on preparing African foods? If yes, please highlight some of them on this interview on African foods.

One of them is the inability to transfer the cooking knowledge from parents to their children especially their daughters. Youths should be taught from their early childhood how to prepare African foods to avoid them going into extinction.

5) Why do you think that some people don’t feel like eating African foods?

The packaging of African foods is always poor. It is not usually well packaged. Also, most of the foods are prepared in an unhygienic environment and the people cooking/handling the foods are sometimes not clean. This can irritate someone not to eat the food.

7) What do you think are the reasons why African people prefer modern foods than African native foods?

Modern foods are well packaged. The packaging makes the food very attractive to eat. Also, the foods are well garnished and tastier.

8) Do you have any suggestion(s) to postulate that will make African native foods more appealing to eat?

The packaging of African foods should be enhanced. The food should prepare and serve in a hygienic environment to make it attractive to eat.

9) Do you feel that NGOs, donor agencies, media and African Government have any special role to play in making Africans return to the eating of their native foods?

Yes. The media should publicize the health benefits of African foods. This will make people appreciate the foods and eat them. The awareness will go a long way to reduce the incidence of cancer effects on the people associated with high dependant on junk foods. When Africans eat their local foods as their main meal, the chance of having cancer will drastically reduce.

10) What is your best African dish and why do you like it?

Akpu with ofe egusi. I am always filled and satisfied after eating the food. The food is delicious and highly nutritious.

11) Do you like eating fruits? Yes/No. what is your best fruit and why?

I love fruits. Apple fruit and banana are my best. They help me to smile often; boost my memory capacity and improve my mood.

12) Any further comment(s) on this interview on African foods may wish to point out?

Africans should join hands and promote their native foods and also let the people know the importance of eating native foods for their healthy living and longevity. This is my take on this interview on African foods. I wish the team more effort on this campaign.


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