Lettuce is an amazing white vegetable to eat in a time like this. This is a very good food for weight loss and management. Lettuce has low-calorie content and almost no fat. To get the full lettuce benefits, you have to eat it with your whole body not just your mind saying it is nice for you.

Top 7 Lettuce benefits:

1) Rich in fibre and cellulose: Lettuce is rich in the fibre which helps in weight loss. This also helps to remove bile salts from the body system. When the body replaces these salts, it breaks down cholesterol. This makes lettuce good for the heart.

2) Good for heart: Lettuce contains vitamin C and beta-carotene which work together to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. This, in turn, hinders the buildup of plaque.

3) High in omega – fatty acids: For example, romaine lettuce contains about 2/1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. The ratio is great. The fat content in lettuce is not significant unless you eat a lot of it. Honestly, you are advised to eat of a lot of lettuce to get maximum lettuce benefits.

4) Rich in protein: Romaine lettuce, for example, contains about 20 per cent of its calories in protein. Like all whole foods, much of this protein is complete, but that amount can be increased by combination with balancing proteins.

5) Fights Insomnia: Another lettuce benefit is the fight against insomnia. The white fluid that you see when you break or cut lettuce leaves is called lactucarium. This helps to induce sleep similar to opium. It has no strong side effects. You can eat a lot of lettuce leaves or drink lettuce juice to get one of these lettuce benefits.

6) Help in alkaline formation: The minerals properties in the lettuce help to remove toxins and keep your acid/alkaline balance in order. Once your alkaline is balanced, there are a host of benefits including greater energy, clearer thinking, deep restful sleep and youthful skin.

7) Low Glycemic index: Lettuce has an average glycemic index of 15 but because it has so few calories, its glycemic load is considered zero. For anyone watching the blood sugars for medical reasons, this is great. A low glycemic index also is great for weight management.

Reference: DAILYSUN, August 23, 2018., Page 21. 

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